January Kata: String Calculator

Katacast showing the implementation of the String Calculator kata in Ruby with RSpec and Autotest. My January katacast for the 12 months 12 katas initiative.

Starting today I’m going to try to write posts in English from time to time. My written English is kind of rusty and I want to get proficient at it again. Don’t get me wrong, my spoken English is as bad as the written one, but I’m not going to start a podcast right now.

I’ve chosen this post as starting point because I knew it was going to be short :P

A few weeks ago the 12 meses 12 katas (12 months 12 katas) initiative started. It’s an attempt of the spanish agile community to raise the bar of the software industry in Spain by promoting practice among developers. I hope there is a international version soon enough (@12meses12katas I’d be glad to help setting it up ;-)).

This month the selected kata was string calculator. I’ve practiced it as much as I could considering that I had some exams to study for. And here is the result. Hope you enjoy it.

You can check the source code on GitHub (as soon as I upload it this evening).

I will try to record katacasts on a monthly basis. Once per month, one per kata :) Please, tell me anything I could improve beside my typing and vim skills: I’m already working on that.

Thanks for watching.