No arrows in Vim

Configure your Vim to disable the arrow keys and learn how to move with the right keys.

I've been using Vim a lot lately. Vim was the first editor I ever used to write code. The first lines of code I wrote were written with Vim. I kept using it several years in college. I dropped it when I started developing in Java. After a short time with [Oracle JDeveloper]( and several years with [Eclipse]( I've returned to my origins. Since I use (and am in love with) Mac OS X, [MacVim]( is my editor of choice. (Could have used Vim on my terminal I just like MacVim better). Lately [@plagelao]( has been [sharing his Vim configuration]( Following his example I want to start sharing mine too. Since I know a few people that are starting to use Vim I want to share a couple of key remaps that [@javisantana](!/javisantana) suggested to help me with my come back to Vim. The first thing anyone should get used to when starting to use Vim is moving around with `j`, `k`, `h` and `l`. It looks easy, but it's harder than you think. To avoid using arrows, just **disable them!** "Disable arrows map map map map imap imap imap imap This way you will be forced to use **the right keys** to move around.