Developing my own blog

The beginnings of my pet project: developing my blog using a custom blogging engine with Ruby, Sinatra and Heroku.

As you may have noticed I haven’t been writing much last week and a half. I’m sorry but I will write a little less from now on. The reason was leaked a few days ago

I have started a new project: developing my own blog from scratch.

I know It might sound like reinventing the wheel. Actually there is a little bit of that. But, since I’m planning to give a twist to the blog and I have been looking for a pet project for a while this felt like a good opportunity.

The blog is a Ruby application that uses Sinatra and is deployed on Heroku. This way I’ll stop “borrowing” hosting from @patoroco and have one on my own.

The idea is pretty similar to toto: blog posts will be files published through Git (geeky huh? :·P). No dabatabase. No backend. Just that.

I’m using this project to play around with a few Ruby technologies that I’m actually loving: Haml, Sass, and, of course, Cucumber. I wanted to put the full BDD cycle in practice. And, I have to tell you, it’s kind of hard and requires discipline.

I will also add some Javascript, CSS3 and even HTML5 to the mix eventually.

After a week or so I have almost finished the posting feature. I have the look and feel of the blog ready (it is almost a clone from the wordpress theme I’m currently using but 100% written by my). I also have the app working on Heroku with a hard-coded showcase post.

When the project is a little bit more stable I will release it. Now it’s more or less a spike.

I’ll keep telling you how the project goes and what happens with what I have published on this one. In the meantime, keep reading ;·)